2012 English data now on the site.

I am happy to be able to say that the English 2012 QOF data has now been uploaded to the QOF Database website. It joins the Scottish and Welsh data which has been there for a couple of weeks.
There is currently no indication when the data for Northern Ireland will become available.

I still have a couple of tweaks to do, mainly around the organisational area at PCT level and higher to give a good overview of how practices are doing. There is also quite limited data about QP3-5. In these the targets were different for each practice.

There will be one more update this year, when the Northern Ireland data is released and once that is done then I should get the data to download - subject to my copy of Access on the laptop coping with 14 million rows of data!


Stephanie said...

Do you have a vague ETA for the Access download?

Gavin Jamie said...

I don't have the data for Northern Ireland yet. As the transfer to Access is a fairly horrible process (data import into Access from MySQL seems unreasonably hard - keep think that I must be missing something but aparently not) I only do it once. The short answer is in a couple of weeks.
Best wishes
Gavin Jamie

Anonymous said...

Any update on an ETA for the 2012 Access download?

Steve said...

Hi - I find your Access formats very useful, is the 2012 data going to be available anytime soon? - if not do you know of an alternative source of the raw data - how do you get it?

Many Thanks for your help