2011 Data online - and the new site

I am delighted to be able to say that the 2011 data is on the site, and the new version of the site is on line. This currently mirrors of the function of the old site with more detail at the SHA, country and UK level.

There is more functionality to come which is made easier by an entirely new data model in the background. The database will be able to cope with things such as comparisons between years.

There is also a new look which is hopefully easier to find your way around. Search is on pretty much every page. Please do let me know how you find it. Everything can change and this is rather more simple in the new site. I have used Django to build the site which has a very simple template system. I would update the look to this blog but Blogger templates are such horrible things that I really can't figure out at all.

The downloads should be available soon. I need to tidy the database a little first.

Update - and coming soon!

I have not written here for quite a while, at least partly due to there being little going on until the past couple of weeks. I have been writing for the GP Business magazine though in that time.

The data for all four countries has now been released and I am getting it onto the database currently. I am also giving the site a makeover from top to bottom which will increase what is possible and make the whole thing more maintainable. It will also have a new look, have less clutter and have graphs that work where there is no flash (ipods,pads and phones mainly)

This is a pretty big change so I will have to take the site down for 24 hours or so in the next week before it reappears with all the data. New features can be added after that.

Hope to see you there soon!