Windows XP in the NHS.

According to a pdf page of statistics Chrome has overtaken IE as the most used browser in the UK and USA and Windows XP is only used by about 10% or web browsers.

Well that is in the real world. I wondered what the NHS looked like. Back in December I did some log file analysis from this site and found that it was very much IE and WinXP that were the dominant browsers from within the NHS. The output from Awstats in still online for NHS operating system and the total operating system use. I also looked at NHS browser and all browser use. I am still on XP at my practice although I use Firefox as my browser. Frankly the NHS has been a bit busy on other things over the last six months so I was not expecting much change.

The new figures are based on visits to this in June. There are figures for all visits and visits from the NHS. The NHS figures are taken from IP addresses of the form - which is just a quick grep through the logfile.

All VisitorsNHS
December June December June
Windows XP34.9%39.5%84.6%78.9%
Windows Vista7.3%3.4%0.3%0.3%
Windows 728.9%26.3%7.3%15.2%

The figures outside the NHS are, in general, lower as the Windows use is a bit diluted by mobile and Apple operating systems which are unheard of in the NHS. There is an odd rise in Windows XP outside the NHS and this highlights sampling problems. This is the equivalent of conducting a survey of people who happen to walk past your house. It is not truly random.

Nevertheless the NHS is moving off XP but it seems very slow. The countdown to the end of support is coming. You can download a clock from Microsoft, but it doesn't work on XP.

I will try to remember to do the same again in December.