Bringing QRISK to Facebook

This has nothing to do with QOF. Earlier this year the the good people at QResearch put the QRisk2 formula onto the internet with an open licence. This is freely available to download and use. This is quite something. There have always been problems with trying to apply JBS formulae as, for most people, the data to input is not there. Qrisk2 is based in large part on information that is easily available and the QResearch group provide formula that can estimate some of the other data.

I have put the formula onto Facebook with a fairly simple form. There is a limit to how simple it can be but hopefully it is at least usable.

The results are presented again as simply as seems reasonable. One of the things that can be done with the formula is some "what if" calculations. We can see the effects of stopping smoking or losing weight. There is even data drawn from NHS Choices which gives the closest NHS Smoking Cessation Clinics if you are in England, although this is not currently available due to a bug at NHS Choices.

The app is at . Feel free to have a play around. You can change your data as often as you wish and see the effects. All your data is deleted when (or hopefully if) you remove the app from your Facebook account. Facebook will post that you are using the app but none of your data is posted back to Facebook unless you specifically type it in. You can post reviews or questions on the Facebook profile page.


Many thanks to the reader who pointed out that, in England, I had transposed the two depression prevalence figures. I have now corrected this on the site. If you have downloaded the data there is now an updated version on the download page.

If you don't fancy downloading it all again you can switch in Access with some queries. I have not worked how to export these. If you are using MySQL the code is

update `achievement` set area='' WHERE `practiceid`regexp '^[ABCDEFGHIJKMLMNOPQRSTUVXYZ][0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9]$' and area ='DEP Prev 1';
update `achievement` set area='Dep Prev 1' WHERE `practiceid`regexp '^[ABCDEFGHIJKMLMNOPQRSTUVXYZ][0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9]$' and area ='DEP Prev 2';
update `achievement` set area='Dep Prev 2' WHERE area ='';
update `pcoach` set area='' WHERE `pco`regexp '5[A-Z][A-Z]' and area ='DEP Prev 1';
update `pcoach` set area='DEP PREV 1' WHERE `pco`regexp '5[A-Z][A-Z]' and area ='DEP Prev 2';
update `pcoach` set area='DEP PREV 2' WHERE area ='';

I had also missed the reconfiguration of the PCT in Hertfordshire which is now corrected in the downloads also (there is not a simple patch for that).