Many thanks to the reader who pointed out that, in England, I had transposed the two depression prevalence figures. I have now corrected this on the site. If you have downloaded the data there is now an updated version on the download page.

If you don't fancy downloading it all again you can switch in Access with some queries. I have not worked how to export these. If you are using MySQL the code is

update `achievement` set area='' WHERE `practiceid`regexp '^[ABCDEFGHIJKMLMNOPQRSTUVXYZ][0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9]$' and area ='DEP Prev 1';
update `achievement` set area='Dep Prev 1' WHERE `practiceid`regexp '^[ABCDEFGHIJKMLMNOPQRSTUVXYZ][0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9]$' and area ='DEP Prev 2';
update `achievement` set area='Dep Prev 2' WHERE area ='';
update `pcoach` set area='' WHERE `pco`regexp '5[A-Z][A-Z]' and area ='DEP Prev 1';
update `pcoach` set area='DEP PREV 1' WHERE `pco`regexp '5[A-Z][A-Z]' and area ='DEP Prev 2';
update `pcoach` set area='DEP PREV 2' WHERE area ='';

I had also missed the reconfiguration of the PCT in Hertfordshire which is now corrected in the downloads also (there is not a simple patch for that).



Anonymous said...


When will the amendment show in reference to the Depression Ooops? as it seems to still be showing an incorrect figure


Sam Lewis said...

Hi Gavin,

excellent website !!

do you have an opinion on whether the depression prevalence figure matters to payments ??

I believe our payment should depend on points achievement, magnified solely by the dep01, 02, and o3 denominators as the relevant prevalences.

but what actually happens ?

Gavin Jamie said...


The depression prevalence figures for the severity assessment areas (Dep 2 and 3) are based on the number of patients who have had depression ever not the denominator for that year. Good notes summarisation pays dividends here as a transient depression in the 1970s will still increase your prevalence but not the workload.