2012 Wales and Scotland data now online

I am delighted to be able to say that the 2012 data for Wales and Scotland is now on the site. Some of the virtual indicators and registers (mostly around depression incidence and smoking) have not yet been calculated. The site still defaults to 2011 until England data is on (it is 80% of the site) but 2012 is available in the left side menus.

So the English don't feel left out there is also a recalculation of the 2011 data at CCG level. In many cases the composition of the CCG is so similar to the PCT that it makes no difference but it may prove interesting. Either search for the CCG or drill down from England page or up from an English practice.

It is likely to be about three weeks before the English data is available on the site and I have no firm date for Northern Ireland.


Anonymous said...

Is there any update on when the English data will be available?

Many thanks

Anonymous said...

Is there any update on when the English data will be avaialble please?

Gavin Jamie said...

It will be coming soon. I have the data in the database and just doing the summarisation for PCTs, SHAs and CCGs.
Friday, with a bit of luck.

Anonymous said...

You have done well getting the Data on so quickly. Strange but like last year I can't find HMR pct (Heywood Middleton & Rochdale) which should be in the North West region.
You fixed it rapidly last time.

Anonymous said...

Well done. Now all is present. Great work... as ever.