2007/8 QOF data (mostly) available now!

Another year has passed and there is a new set of QOF data to pore over. Northern Ireland published first this year about a fortnight ago whilst Scotland and England both published last Tuesday. All of the data for these countries is now online at the QOF Database. You can search for or browse the data.

I will publish the Welsh data when it becomes available. Database download will also be available soon as will overall prevalences.

Palliative care data is not visible yet either. This is due to differences in the way that this has been reported. England gives a prevalence, the other countries just give a yes or no to the presence of a register. This will take a couple of tweaks to display sensibly and I will do this soon. In any case the prevalence is difficult to make a lot of sense of. These tend to be small numbers which inevitably vary quite considerably over time.

In other site news I have removed the links to the QOF changes pages as these have become out of date as well as the extended hours calculator. In the latter case the national directed enhanced service is much less relevant as many local enhanced services filled the gap caused by its tardy arrival.

For the future I am working on ways of keeping practice data up to date, particularly addresses. I also hope to bring in links to practice websites. As I am a one man band and there are about ten thousand practices automation is going to be essential and this is taking a little time to code. It is likely to come in gradually.

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