Scottish and Irish data ... and that's it.

The data for Scotland and Northern Ireland was released last Monday and is now on the site. It has been a little more awkward uploading the data this year due to the changes in the areas and the appearance of areas without prevalences (palliative care) and depression having two different prevalences. I hope this makes some sense when viewing the data but nothing is set in stone and bright ideas welcome!

Wales also released some data this week but this did not go down to practice level and is therefore not particularly useful for many purposes. The statistical release was described as release one so there may be more although the site also suggests that there will not be an update for a further year. I am enquiring about further data.

Even more oddly is the English data. The Information Centre has spreadsheets of data at national, SHA and PCT level but not practice level. Practice level data is available but only one practice at a time through their own web interface. I have emailed them asking about spreadsheets but have not year heard back. In fairness they were probably quite busy on Friday.

I will keep you informed about their replies.

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Anonymous said...

Yo Gavin,
The IC sent me a disc as the data was too large to make available for downloading and I mailed+phoned them on the 28th Tony Smith rang me back and had the disc on 29th. Excellent.
If they do not offer it to you i can burn a copy, sure they won't mind.