What would you change?

I have discovered - perhaps a little later that I should have - that NHS Employers and the GPC are asking for comments on what should go into the QOF from April 2008. They last did this two years ago and go over five hundred responses - largely it must be said from single issue pressure groups. Interesting this time they are also asking for view on sections that are already in the framework. It is probably useful for respondents to look at the results of the last review. There are many areas here that were considered and rejected. At that review there was also the luxury of being able to add things without taking anything out. This is unlikely to be repeated. There are already areas that are considered uneconomic to pursue (ethnicity recording for example) and to dilute incentives further would be counter productive. It is also probably worth noting that there is considerable grass roots annoyance of "Ivory Towers" academic and research instruments making their way into QOF without a terribly strongly relevant evidence base. GPs will await the result of the review with some anxiety.

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