New Data and Services

I have been doing a little bit of work around the site over the last couple of weeks and the changes are now ready to be formally announced.

The first is this blog, which allows more frequent updates than the email alerts. The email alerts will continue as before as an infrequent alert to a data update.

There is also a new custom Google search function available on the search page. This will search QOF related sites specifically. Any suggestions of additional sites would be appreciated.

There is some improvement to the data on the site for 2005/6 - partly in the Scottish data which now includes there September update and some corrections of obvious errors in the Welsh data.

And finally over on DH Consultation Feed site there has been a complete rewrite of the plumbing to make it more reliable. This site offers takes the DH consultation page and repackages it as an RSS feed. A limited audience perhaps but useful to some!

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