QOF Data for England 2020/21

The data for the QOF in England has now been published on the site for they year 2020-21. You won't need me to tell you that it was quite an unusual year. Inb QOF terms most of the indicators were suspended through the year. Prescribing indicators were suspended a bit later on through the year than other but, in the end, all that remained were the flu and cervical screening indicators. These all had their points doubled.

The other area that was still active was the prevalence adjustment. Effectively this meant that practices were still paid for the number of patients on their disease registers. It still paid to add patients to disease registers.

Of course there were a lot of other complications and this is probably one of the reasons that NHS Digital did not publish points totals this year. There were several new indicators in there as well and points would not really have made a lot of sense and certainly would not have tallied with payments. However the data was still collected and is presented on the site. As with many things 2020-21 is going to stand out a bit on the charts. Please do have an explore of the data.

Although most of the indicators are down the figures are a testement to the huge amount of work that was done by practices to some of the most vulnerable members of our practice lists. Even with all of the restrictions that were necessary through the year large numbers of patients continued to get appropriate care for chronic disease.

I hope to have data from Northern Ireland in a few weeks. QOF no longer takes place in Scotland and Wales has a very minimal system and I could not find published data last year.


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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your amazing dedication and effort in making this data available and in such a simple digestible manner : )
Dr Mohammed Saeed