QOF Data for England 2019/20

NHS Digital have clearly been busy through the lockdown as they released the QOF data a full two months earlier than in the last few years. I am pleased to say that all of the data is now on the website.

Things are pretty much as previous years although there are some new indicators, particularly around diabetes. There are also the ever changing NHS organisations as we have new CCGs and some variations in Primary Care Networks.

For most practices this is likely to have been the basis for payment - despite the assurance of the preservation of income in the light of the Covid-19 situation. Another effect of the Covid was a huge increase in the number of salbutamol inhalers issued in March which has bumped up the asthma register considerably. This is likely to drop back next year as the increase was almost entirely limited to March with a drop in April and a return to normal levels in May and June.

I hope to have data from Northern Ireland soon after it is published although this is less comparable with English practices now as indicators have diverged. I am also expecting the limited amount of data from Wales that we have seen in the past few years - essentially this is only disease prevalence data now.

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Kane Williamson said...

As i read at ESA certification online QOF is part of a revised GP agreement. It aims to improve the quality of GPs and is part of the solution to the shortage of GPs. QOF rewards GPs for implementing "good practice" in their operations. Participation in QOF is free for every partner but for most GPs,