Putting your Friends and Family Test on line

The Friends and Family test has been part of the GP contract since Monday. The mainstay of this for many practices is likely to be a paper based system in the waiting room.

Using an online form has advantages which complement a paper based system. It is much easier for patients to use if they are at home and calling the surgery or dealing with a repeat prescription for example.

Setting up an online form can seem daunting but is actually quite simple and, even better, can be done for free. I have used Google Docs and the video below shows you how to set it up. It is unedited so the whole process takes less than the five minute running time of the video. Of course publicising the link will take a little longer but once the form is set up it should last for a good long time.

I would use the "full screen" icon underneath the video otherwise you won't be able to see much!

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