NICE New Indicators Consultation

NICE has a current consultation about possible new QOF indicators. It is open until the 11th of April (a week after Easter) and is certainly worth a look.

I won't go through the whole thing here, if you are interested you can read my submission. I will admit I am a little disappointed in the general scope of the indicators. Some of the current indicators are joined together and some are split apart. There is little feeling of an overall strategy or direction and even less of how indicators fit into the whole QOF. There is not really enough information to give a proper response. They are knee to know about potential unintended consequences but these tend to appear at the business rule level and there are not even draft versions of these. The document reads more as a list of intentions than indicators ready to be used. They don't even included suggestions of point scores which should be part of the economic evaluations.

I suppose this may get sorted at the negotiation level but we probably won't know that for another nine months. We will also find out how much the DH and GPC think of the QOF Advisory committee's work.

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