The vote is out

The GPC announced the result last week of the poll of GP opinions on the two possible contract options from April. The summary is basically that GPs are not happy but have voted for option A as the least worst of a bad bunch. Lots about this in the media although some have portrayed it as an agreement to do extended hours. It is not. This was about what will be taken away from practices. Whether practices offer extended ours will depend on the DES specification. That judgement will be made individually by the 8000 odd practices in England and in similar ways across the rest of the UK and Ireland.

In practical terms for this website it means that the loss calculation is no longer relevant as it only applied to the potential imposition. There is simply not enough data available to calculate the loss for the current proposals. The DES calculator is still running with the best information that is coming out in an official form. You can find a link to this in the left hand menu on the practice summary page for each practice. This applies to England only as there was no comparable patient survey in the other countries, or at least not one that I am aware of.

I am taking the link to the loss calculator off the practice pages to avoid confusion. The direct URL should work for the foreseeable future but if you want or need access to the data then drop me a line.

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