Changes to Extended Hours DES

In the fast(ish) moving world of GP contract negotiations the finances of the extended hours DES have changed again. In his latest letter to the profession Lawrence Buckman has announce an increase in the rate of payment from £2.80 to £2.95 per patient for extended hours. It has also been clarified that the survey will be in QOF and not part of the extended hours DES

This is in general good news - there is more cash for providing extended hours under the DES although and this is surprisingly substantial for many practices. I have updated the extended hours calculator which can be accessed from left hand menu the practice pages.

I have also corrected a bug which overestimated the hours required for about one in six practices. Sorry about that and thanks to the eagle eyed reader who spotted it.

The contents of the DES are still far from fixed as you can see here and here.


Anonymous said...

Cant find the Extended Hours Calculator. Can you please direct me. Thank you. cathy

Anonymous said...

Go to browse, strategic HA, PCT, find your practice in the list, click on it and the calculator is on the left. Cheryl