QMAS trips up

Now if there was one thing that seemed to be reliable in the new work of NHS IT it was the QMAS computer. It was hailed as a great success by Connecting For Health. It was an early win. Yes, it wasn't in their original brief and it was not an especially complex system, but it did have over 10,000 users and it worked well. Until today.

There have been no problems for the last two years but today it has failed under load for much of the day. Nine thousand practices are trying to sign off their data. All this has snowballed for the simple reason that the more error reports that are sent, the more people press OK. Users are also managing to lock themselves out of the system.

In terms of getting data published there should not be a significant delay, but the timetables for payment are a lot tighter. We can hope for a better day tomorrow and perhaps an explanation of why it worked well for two years and then went wrong today. Now if I can just get my Glastonbury tickets..

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Anonymous said...

For the 10 seconds that I was able to view the website before it went down, there were inexplicable points missing - HF 3 where we had more than 80%, showed us as missing the target. Or is our computer wrong and it should be 90%? There were other glitches too, so lets hope tomorrow looks better